Wooden crafts carved from fragments of wood have been a popular form of art from the ancient times. The crafts having the flavor of the old world are high valued legacies that embody richness and diversity of the glorious culture and heritage of India. These time-honored creations of wood reflect the impeccable craftsmanship, creativity and artistic acumens of their creators.

Paragon of art and beauty the wooden crafts are the source of inspiration for the young artists and craftsmen. They have also invoked the modern art lovers and decorators with their remarkable finesses, aestheticism and durability. India-crafts one of the pioneering online crafts stores in India presents an impressive array of masterpieces in woods. A connoisseurs delight the variety of wooden crafts is sure to attract your attention. Explore interesting information on this particular kind of craft.

Natural and pure woods serve as the materials for woodcrafts. The texture of the woods plays an important role in the making of crafts. Oak, chestnut, mahogany, pine, maple, teakwood and walnut are commonly used to prepare woodcrafts. The application of woods varies according to the type of crafts.

The grains and textures used in delicate woodcrafts are different from those of heavy and utilitarian crafts. The crafts appear in various colors shapes and sizes. They make for graceful and stylish decorations for the indoor.

One of the most traditional forms of wooden crafts is the woodcarving. Beautiful figurines are carved out from pieces of fine wood with the aid of tools. The themes have regional variations. Deities of gods and goddesses, mythological figures, images of birds and animals, human figures are carved into engaging works of wood.

The wood sculptures with their ornate artistry and workmanship stand as grand mementos and prestigious home decors. Wood burning is another popular form of woodcraft. Beautiful inlays are carved into the woods by burning the woods on fire and applying specific amount of heat. An instance of folk art, wood burning add a rustic charm where embellished.

Spectacular home and office furniture are crafted from woods. Items of utility variety of wooden furniture like beds, sofa sets, tables, chairs, wardrobes, cabinets, chests, drawers, boxes etc. can deck up the spaces of the homes and offices in the most stylish and elegant way. The versatile designs and the medley of colors and craftsmanship celebrate the true spirit of Indian arts and crafts.

The wooden showpieces, vases, photo-frames are wooden crafts in miniature forms. Thy grace the corners of the rooms with their delicate details, meticulousness and refined beauty.

Another very cherished collectible of wood is the wooden boxes. The designed wooden boxes have beautiful woodcarvings, precious metals, stones and miniature paintings inlaid on them. In the early days the elite people used to store jewelries, cosmetics and valuable possessions in these boxes.

Nowadays the boxes are used as showpieces or for gifting. Wooden toys are delightful playthings of the kids. Replicas of animals, vehicles, human and cartoon figures whittled from slender pieces of wood attract kids with their bright colors, dexterity and realistic looks. Painted wooden dolls make for lovely gifts to the tiny tots.

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