I have been ecstatic since I started using my EasySew ergonomic hook set from Amazon. I like that it includes all the sought-after range of sizes of hooks for any pattern that I do. The organiser is great for keeping all the hooks together and great when I am travelling on holidays. The case is very sturdy, unlike my last holder that fell a part on me. Prior to buying the EasySew crochet hooks I could never crochet longer than an hour due to the wrist pain when crocheting. My friend Barb has found the hooks astonishingly comfortable and no longer has the complication of swelling due to her arthritis. The hooks themselves are very smooth making crocheting a breeze. Let's just say that the granddaughters are happy as I'm flying thru the list of socks that I promised them for this winter.

• No more wrist pain when crocheting, the ergonomic designed handle with soft grips will allow you to crochet longer without pain. • No splitting- these hooks pull through the yarn evenly, and there's never any splitting of the yarn• Smooth hooks-designed to be really smooth so the yarn goes across the hook quickly. • Great variation of sizes (2mm-6mm) with color coded handles is perfect for advanced level crocheters• Ideal for pencil grips• High quality aluminium hooks - means no longer will you have problems with your crochet hooks bending• Superior crochet hook case - all your hooks contained in this great case.• Fantastic gift - for friends.

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