My Grandma has extreme arthritis, especially in her hands. She loves to crochet all kinds of clothes. She wears compression gloves frequently, but when crocheting they will only support briefly. I ordered these hoping they would give her much more relief and enable her to crochet longer without discomfort or stiffness.

The past two nights she has crocheted for 2 hours every and has no further swelling or discomfort. They are amazing and a significantly far better deal than the name brand. I hugely advocate these especially for anybody with extreme arthritis.

These hooks have beautiful design and style and SO A lot Far better than plain old metal hooks

Later following seeing the benefits I ordered these hooks for my mother. She and Grandma are learning to crochet collectively and thought these would be a lot easier on her hands than the non-ergonomic edition. These have been a good distinction in her learning encounter.

The handles have a plastic coating really feel to them. Numbers sizes are clearly written on the lower portion of the handle

They are nicely created hooks. The metal portions of the hooks are solid. Paying just under $13 for this set was genuinely a excellent buy.

My mother and Grandma appreciate them and with the vibrant colors, they are easier to maintain up with.
These are Outstanding!! They are just so comfy to use, no much more aching fingers!

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Make your Crocheting Easier and Enjoyable Without having the Tension in Your Hands and Fingers
Non-sticking Ergonomic Grip tends to make this Crochet Hooks extremely Comfy to use even for long Periods of Time. Particularly if you Endure from Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel. -Highest High quality Materials Hooks. Premium Aluminum and Brightly Colored Molded Ergonomic Handles.
-Comes with a Conversion Chart from
Metric mm to U.S. Sizes so you Don't Get Confused
-Fantastic Price Compared to other Rubber Handled Brands that are Offered
9pcs Crochet Hook Set on a Transparent PVC Organiser
Sizes from 2 mm to 6 mm (2/B-1, 2.5/C-2, 3/D3, 3.5/E4, 4/F5, 4.5/G-6, 5/H-8, 5.5/I-9, 6/J1-ten)
We Incorporated a Conversion Chart to U.S. Sizes for your Reference. Use this chart to discover the size named for by your pattern, and you will be capable to determine the size (in mm) that you need to use. This need to let you to discover the hooks you want to crochet employing American patterns, no matter exactly where you are
Every Hook is 5.5inch long. They Match extremely well in your hands. Recommend for Newcomers to Pros professionals
When you Obtain this Fantastic Hooks you get a Totally free E-Book "All About Crochet" Exactly where you will discover Fantastic Info about your Favored Hobby: Fundamentals About Crocheting,
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Ergonomic Grip
Highest High quality Materials Hooks
Fantastic Price Compared to other Rubber Handled Brands that are Offered
We Incorporated a Conversion Chart to U.S. Sizes for your Reference
Totally free E-Book get in touch with "All About Crochet"