Catarina Crafts 9 piece crochet hook set is at first glance a very cute set of crochet hooks that I'd imagine most crocheters need to already have in their hook collection. What separates these hooks from all others, besides all their terrific features, is that these hooks have soul! One of empathy and kindness. Not only do these hooks make crocheting more comfortable and pleasurable for me (allowing me to complete my creations quicker) however my purchase has actually also supplied hope for another person. Every hook set Catarina Crafts sells helps raise households from poverty in Northern Uganda and Peru. Proceeds are sent out to non-profit organization Krochet Kids who give ladies, otherwise seeking government support, the abilities and employment producing crocheted clothes and accessories that are offered through the Krochet Kids online shop. In turn these ladies have the means to support a sustainable income for themselves, their households and their community.

What a fantastic feeling it is to come across a company that not only offers an attractive, top quality, low-cost item but also contributes to the betterment of humanity. Seeing these hooks shine bright in my tool kit represents to me the beginning of a beautiful crocheted creation for me as well as for another person. I'm a happier individual (and you will be, too) knowing that, thanks to my purchase, another person gets to experience that same elated feeling of starting a brand-new crochet project that I get each time.

I have seen and tested most of the designs of hooks on the market nowadays and many can be very low quality that are just totally overpriced. There are also numerous hooks that are simply cheap plastic created to look like metal. The nerve with these businesses! I found Catarina Crafts' hooks to not just be terrific quality aluminum, but the ergonomic handles kept me crocheting well into Saturday Night Live, which I like! Crochet + home entertainment = marvelous dream come true! The incredible grips are also color-coded, meaning that they are simple on the eyes and fast size recognition to switch quickly through any project/creation. The very best part: this total set of hooks comes with a complimentary 60+ page ebook that has a lot of incredible crochet patterns in it! The book alone is worth the cost of the hooks!

I ordered my set at Amazon. There's never ever any remorse when buying at Amazon since they do so much for their consumers. Not only do they deliver their orders within a day of the purchase, but they also render a strong money-back guarantee that ensures fulfillment. I was able to get these quality crochet hooks at a terrific price and was really impressed with the incredibly friendly follow up email from Catarina Crafts. They made sure I got my order and more importantly, (to me anyhow) they ensured I could easily call them directly, in case I required support. They even included enjoyable pointers and FAQ's that responded to all my doubts and questions. A++ on customer care!

I wish I could've come across these hooks sooner throughout my newbie days, especially because the hooks and the complimentary ebook are so user friendly. This crochet hook set certainly would've been my first choice. I could've saved myself a great deal of cash and wrist strain by not purchasing low-quality disposable hooks. On top of that, knowing that a set is being donated to somebody less fortunate is so satisfying to my conscious. Thankfully its never ever far too late to upgrade and to contribute! If you're a newbie or even if you've been crocheting longer than Brangelina became a thing, I encourage you to give these beautiful colorful hooks a try. They will not disappoint. When you do get yours let me know your thoughts on them.

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Every set of Catarina Crafts Crochet Hooks you buy supports poverty-stricken communities around the globe to assist in the development of their economy and income. The objective of Catarina Crafts is to motivate and empower love-driven creatives to bring their passion-filled visions into presence by offering terrific quality crafting gear at amiable rates. You're buying a set of 9 different sized hooks, each in a various color. They include a packaging that can be utilized to house the hooks. They're constructed out of terrific quality aluminum and ergonomic grips that enable you to keep creating for hours on end! Our objective is to build with you an international community that has a spirit of kindness and empathy. We mean creating art while creating hope for other less lucky people.