If you have kids you know simply how important ink pads and stamps can be! Children are all about create, create, create, and that is among a lot of heartwarming aspects of them-- at least that's how I pity my kids. And so I have done my reasonable share of hunting for stamps they could utilize - that I was pleased with - and we've gone through a lot. For the price, these are great. My better half even utilizes them for making cards and other crafty projects she does. All in all I would recommend these "Let's Colour" ink pads (which I got on amazon.com) to any parents and crafty people.

Set of 6 Ink Pads Oil Based Do It Yourself Multi color, Rainbow Colors Craft For Rubber Stamps Present! Brand New. Each ink pad has 4 colors in it so you're getting almost every color of the rainbow. See Photo! Each ink pad is 3 inches x 2 inches in dimension. These are perfect for card making or other craft activities. The ink works on various surfaces including paper, wood and fabric.

Get yours now at amazon.com/Ink-Pads-Rainbow-Multi-color-Rubber/dp/B00MNHQQGU/Ink Pads/